Sewer Scope

Certified Sewer Camera Inspection In The Aurora, CO Area

Sewer scope inspections are typically not included in a standard home inspection but are just as important. It can help you evaluate the condition of a property you are interested in and find any flaws or problems in your sewer line.


Exclusive Home Evaluations and Inspections do it right. I’m certified by InterNACHI to provide you qualified sewer camera inspection services in Aurora, CO. Allow us to provide you with our findings and recommendations.

Signs That You Need A Sewer Camera Inspection

  • If water starts backing up inside the house or crawlspace.
  • Your property has large trees around it. 
  • If your property has more than 25 years of being built.
  • You notice shifting or movement of the ground around your home.


All of these are factors that you need to consider when thinking about a sewer scope inspection. Having this kind of inspection performed only takes a few minutes and can detect damages in your sewer line that can generate expenses in the long run if not taken care of on time, especially when I use my reliable sewer inspection camera..

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