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My 25 years of experience in the home evaluation field turns me into the most knowledgeable home inspector in Aurora, CO, and surrounding areas. Allow me to provide you with a comprehensive walkthrough of our inspection process,offering accurate information and a complete report of the state of your home.

Multiple Home Inspection Services

If you schedule an inspection today, I can offer you a wide range of home evaluation services
tailored to your specific needs. Together we will elaborate a checklist of things you need to keep
an eye on for maintenance.
Vast experience inspecting:


● Structural systems
● Roofing
● Electrical systems
● Plumbing
● Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems
● Appliances
● Attic
● Crawl Space
● Exterior services 


Allow us to provide you with a thorough home diagnosis and action plan, using the best
equipment and delivering a cost-efficient solution for any issue we might find.

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Don’t let time go by without a proper home inspection that covers all areas of your home.
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your project.

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